Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Like Fine Wine...Alessandro Gassman...

I only like two kinds of men, domestic and imported.   --- Mae West

First of all, let me tell you. I've been busy trying to finish up my WIP...titled Honor C, and I'm on the final stretch, crawling toward the finish line to those beautiful, SCARY words---The End.

In this rush to this goal, I've not had time to blog not the energy to think of bloggable (is that a word?) subjects.

So today I'm going to relax and bask in the smile of my very favorite contemporary Italian celebrity...actor Alessandro Gassman, my favorite imported male.

Those who know me are VERY aware that Alessandro has been the inspiration for one of my most beloved characters who is going to be showing his face this year---Enrico Di Paolo.

So...let the buffet of Italian gorgeousness begin...

Ah! Off to a beautiful start as a very young actor, Alessandro is the son of the late legendary Italian actor, Vittorio Gassman.

Beginning to be well-known, getting better looking as time goes by. More rugged, the boyish smoothness giving way to rugged lines. Perfect character. Brooding, dark, gloriously masculine, almost sinister. My kind of man.

In 2001 he'd become so popular, he made the Italian calendar, Maxi. A fabulous, sensual collection of twelve nude photos.

If you never saw him in any of his Italian films, I'll bet you remember him as one of the sexiest villains in filmdom, Gianni Chellini in the American film, Transporter II. Deliciously wicked with the sexy accent to boot.

Okay, Alessandro, you can stop growing more and more beautiful now! My heart can't take much more of your beauty! The above photo was the one which inspired the persona for Enico DiPaolo. The picture is from his stage role in the Italian version of Twelve Angry Men.

And he even obliges by being cast in noir roles. What more can a woman ask?

And now? Just look at him. The smile. From that brooding, cloudy astmosphere of man shines this bright sun. And better looking than ever.

What can I say? Ay-ay-ay!

And, last but not least--because I love putting the rich baritone voice to this gorgeous man, treat yourself to this video. He sings. And damn well, too.


Wonder if he appreciates what I do for him? Sigh.

Ti Amo, Alessandro.....


by Sarah Lee said...

He IS a beauty! I love to look at good looking men. Eye candy. :) He's certainly an inspirational looking guy! I don't blame you for the sentiments, sis! Big hugs!

Dorien Grey said...


C. Zampa said...

Hello there, Sis!
Oh, he does SO inspire me!
The face that launched a thousand characters! LOL...

C. Zampa said...

Hi, Dorien. Sigh indeed, eh? I'll second that. Sigh.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Gads, I feel sinful -- I used to drool over his dad. Yes, (sign) I hope he realizes just how adoring and caring you are. He should stop by for a visit to show his appreciation, eh!

C. Zampa said...

LMAO, Joylene! Tells our age, doesn't it?

And, yes, I think Alessandro should stop by and visit me! You're right! LOL...

And I'd faint. Truly faint. Sigh.