Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Ship in the Harbor...

A ship in harbor is safe - but that is not what ships are for.  ~John A. Shedd, Salt from My Attic

It’s here. Now. The eve of my first book’s release. Yes, tomorrow, March 2, my book, Candy G, will be released.
There are so many emotions on the rampage in my gut. Primarily, excitement. Of course, excitement. I’m published! My book has the coolest cover! 

The process has been a fabulous roller coaster of giddy thrills that began with finishing the book, writing the end, submitting it to the publisher, being offered a contract. In time came edits, the cover approval, the galley proof (oh, the galley proof, the first real look at your soon-to-be-born baby), and then…and then…the release. All these things I’d heard other authors discuss, and I longed for my turn. And the experience has been every bit as joyful as I imagined. No, it’s been better than I imagined.

The other emotion? The emotion I didn’t expect? Fear. Of what? This is my dream. What’s there to dread?

Well, it was all fun and sunshine and lollipops until this countdown on the eve of release. Until now, my baby, my creation, my Candy G, had just been locked in my heart, embraced only by me and a critique partner and the handful who helped me. My baby didn’t have to learn to fly, he was safe in the nest with Mommy. 

But, as of the clang of midnight, my precious boy is going public, he’s no longer mine exclusively. He’s going to be pushed off the comfortable precipice where he’s lounged since I started writing him, and he’s really no longer mine.
Whether he flies or hits bottom like ol’ Wyle E. Coyote—you know…when he plunges to the ground below in a cloud of dust…a quiet poof?—remains to be seen. It’s all in the hands of the future now. And that realization is sobering. 

But should I have never submitted Candy G because I was afraid? No. I feared rejection, but submitted anyway. I fear a new kind of rejection now, as any author would. But do I wish I hadn’t begun this journey? No. I’m glad I did. If this book does a Wyle E. Coyote and hits the canyon bottom, I’ll write another book. And I’ll submit it. And another, and another until some publisher begs me, Please, for God’s sake, Stop!

I could write book after book and stay safe, never submitting them, like the quote above says—staying within the safety of the harbor. But, like John Shedd also said, that’s not what ships are for. And the realization that I DID sail my ship, I left the safe harbor and took a chance…well, it’s probably the most exhilarating part of this entire journey.


Unknown said...

What an exciting time! I'm happy for that you decided to submit and am looking forward to reading the first of many :)

Sarah Ballance said...

Something tells me you have absolutely NOTHING to worry about, m'dear. You have written a beautiful, compelling story and your readers don't stand a chance - they'll love every word! (I know I do.) CONGRATULATIONS!

C. Zampa said...

Thank you, Andy!

C. Zampa said...

Hello, Sarah! I know I've enjoyed the voyage so far, and you've been right there with me. Out too far in the waters to turn back, eh?

Thanks, my friend, for being there.

Unknown said...

I look forward to reading your book! And I thank you for your kind words to me via ZAM's blog.

I think you, and other authors, are so amazingly brave. I can barely comment on a blog for fear of criticism!

Bravo to you!

kathyk said...

I HAVE IT! I have, in my hands--figuratively of course--my copy of Candy G by Carol Zampa and all I can say is WOW! and CONGRATULATIONS Carol. It's here and out and I am so very glad that you didn't let fear stop you and that your ship did sail.

I'll be taking my new book and sitting down to read it ASAP...and looking forward to every glorious page.

Hugs and more hugs Carol!

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Congratulations, Carol!!! This is so exciting. Be sure to provide the links where readers can buy your book. Never stop doing that. In fact, provide a permanent link on your blog up near the top. Easy access is so important.

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Ah, I see it is available through the Dreamspinner Press site. LOL, ignore what I just said. I was thinking Amazon or maybe Kindle. No? That's okay. I'll figure out if it's capable with my Kobo.

C. Zampa said...

Thank you, Kel! I KNOW, I KNOW what you mean about being brave. It's not my strong suit, either.
And thank YOU for YOUR kind words!

C. Zampa said...

Hello, Kathy, and big hugs to you. You're so sweet and so supportive!
I've heard from your since you bought Candy G, and I'm so glad you enjoyed him and his gang.
Hugs again! And thank you!

C. Zampa said...

Hello, Joylene! You know that, with any milestone in this journey, I have to thank you again. You were one of my very first friends in this experience, a long time ago, and one of the first to ever crit me. And I have learned so much from you. I'll be grateful always. Hugs to you.